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Novak Djokovic clarifies his anti-vaccine comments–All You Need To Know—



Novak Djokovic

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic has clarified his anti-vaccine comments as the Serb underlines he is still gathering information and deciding what could be the best thing to do in this situation. “Personally I am opposed to the vaccination against COVID-19 in order to be able to travel.


But if it becomes compulsory, I’ll have to make a decision whether to do it, or not. This is my current feeling. I don’t know if it will change, but it really influences my profession,” Djokovic told Christopher Clarey of The New York Times.

Rafael nadal & novak djokovic

“Many tennis players, athletes have reached out to me asking what my opinion is on this whole situation. I have expressed my views because I have the right to and I also feel responsible to highlight certain essential topics that are concerning tennis world.

“To be honest, just like the rest of the world I am a bit confused. Despite having access to information and resources, I am left in doubt about what could be the best thing to do. “My job requires lots of travel.

Novak Djokovic and young stars

Some are saying that for us who travel, we would have to take the vaccine that is yet to be developed. Therefore, I would like to repeat and point out that at this moment we do not have adequate information. “We don’t know if there will be new measures, which of them will be taken, will we have a choice to decide on our own what to do or not with the vaccine.

Novak Djokovic

I would like to know more details about the whole process, before making right decisions. “I am curious about wellbeing and I am going to spend the whole lifetime learning about the body and how we can empower our metabolism to be in the best shape to defend against imposters like COVID-19.

“My fullest respect and gratitude goes to all the noble and compassionate medical people who are giving support to the ones that need it the most. “I am no expert, but I do want to have an option to choose what’s best for my body.

Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray

I am keeping an open mind, and I’ll continue to research on this topic because it is important and it will affect all of us”. Djokovic, now a 17-time Grand Slam champion, won the inaugural ATP Cup with Serbia and captured a record eighth Australian Open title this past January.

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic smile

The Serb started the season with 18 wins and zero losses as he also made it all the way in Dubai. The Tour has been suspended until at least July 13 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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