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“Never Gonna Have That” – Sofia Kenin Adores Serena Williams’ Serve



Serena Williams

Having Russian roots and growing up in the United States, there’s no wonder new Grand Slam champion Sofia Kenin has drawn inspirations from tennis legends Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams.


During Cincinnati Open 2019 Kenin was asked about her childhood idols. The woman who plays warrior-like tennis Kenin replied: “Serena and Maria, for sure.”

Serena Williams and sofia kenin shake

Williams has got one of the finest serves on the WTA Tour, also players on the men’s track find it difficult to read her serve. And the Florida-resident Kenin admires the deadly weapon which Serena possesses. “Serena has got the amazing serve. You can’t compare. Never gonna have that serve, but I would love to have a motion like hers. We’ll see,” she said.

Kenin also shared that her victory over Williams in the third round of Roland Garros 2019 was one of the revered victories of her career.

Serena Williams and sofia kenin shake

“Maria Sharapova is fierce” – Sofia Kenin
Moscow-Born tennis player credits her Russian roots for her competitive and fearless tennis on the big courts. As she has been inspired from five-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova.

“She’s fierce. She’s very competitive. Never gives up. That’s like a Russian instinct for me. I was born in Russia. I have always looked up to her,” she added. At a tender age of 17, Sharapova defeated Williams at Wimbledon finals and became a teenage major champion.

Serena Williams smiles live

“I think it’s great that she won Wimbledon at 17. I was watching, laying on the couch. I’m, like, Oh, my God, it’s Maria Sharapova, she just won Wimbledon. How cool would it be if I do that? Of course, I’m not gonna win at 17, because I’m already 20,” Australian Open 2020 champion Kenin added.

Serena Williams and Nelson Mandela

Facing Sharapova in the third round of 2017 US Open was a critical point in Kenin’s career. The 21-year-old was defeated in straight sets by Sharapova at the Flushing Meadows, New York, USA.

Serena Williams And Venus Williams To Go Live On YouTube
Serena Williams and sister

Till now, you have watched the Instagram live videos of Serena Williams tackling the mom life and Venus Williams posting tough workout videos. However, we finally have the opportunity to witness both the stars on a common platform.

Serena and her sister will be appearing live on No Filter With Naomi to chat with Supermodel Naomi Campbell. The segment is expected to be a candid conversation between the three strong women. We might get to hear some never before information from the Williams sisters.

You might be wondering what this show is about. Also, how is it running amidst the heavy lockdowns? Let’s find out.

Serena Williams and Venus Williams

Serena Williams and Venus Williams appear on No Filter With Naomi
Naomi Campbell is an iconic name in the fashion industry. She is considering as a pioneer of the black community by quite a few people.

Naomi made a name for herself as one of the most in-demand models of the late 1980s and 1990s. Quickly enough, she was the face of reality shows and advertisements. In fact, she is one of the six models of her generation to be labelled as supermodels.

Naomi Campwell

Coming back to her show, Naomi decided to start her own little YouTube chat show called “No Filter With Naomi” amidst the boring quarantine period. It is not a formal set up at all. In fact, you might go as far as calling it a glorified face time between celebrities with you eavesdropping.

Serena Williams and Meghan Markle

Going by the earlier segments, you’ll most probably see a discussion of life in quarantine with tidbits of gossip. The purpose of the show for Campbell is not to be a talk show host, but to have a conversation with her closest friends. Up till now, Cindy Crawford, Marc Jacobs and Nicole Richie have made appearances.

You can catch the live stream of the Williams sisters episode on YouTube in just a few hours. We will certainly present the best parts for you.