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NBA Analyst Calls Lakers’ New Signing as LeBron James’ “Favorite Scapegoat”



Lebron James

Skip Bayless is being Skip Bayless once again. He had two tweets against LeBron James within a day. Bayless called JR Smith James’ favorite scapegoat. Smith, who played alongside James at Cleveland Cavaliers is likely to team up with him again at the Lakers. Smith has been a free agent since 2019. After NBA agreed upon a 22-team restart, Avery Bradley decided he wouldn’t be joining the team in the bubble in Oakland. Reports suggest that Smith is likely to be Bradley’s replacement for the Lakers.



On Monday, Bayless tweeted that James is set to team up with his “favorite scapegoat.”

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“Looks like the “GOAT” is about to add his favorite scapegoat, J.R. Smith. Be careful, J.R.: If this sprint to the finish goes wrong, LeBron will point the finger at … YOU. Yet HE was the one who passed up a last shot over little Steph to pass to George Hill, then quit in OT,” the tweet read.

Lebron James

He was referring to the infamous game in 2018 when Smith missed the track of time. During the final few seconds of Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals, Smith missed an opportunity to attempt a potential game-winner which he later admitted that he did not realize the amount of time left.

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The game also led to a reaction from LeBron James which at that circulated on social media as a meme. However, very few would consider that making Smith the scapegoating as Bayless.

Bayless felt LeBron James was too “soft” to be the GOAT over Michael Jordan
Not long before the tweet, Bayless had tweeted another of his theories as to why Michael Jordan was the GOAT over LeBron James.

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“I see another story about how Paul Pierce and the Celts considered LeBron “soft” in his 1st go-round in Cleveland and his 1st season in Miami. He WAS soft. Did any rival ever accuse MJ of being soft? NO! LAUGHABLE! That’s why LeBron is disqualified from the GOAT debate,” the tweet read.