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Megan Thee Stallion Name-Checks Serena Williams In New York Magazine



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In a New York Times op-ed column as searing as her raps, 25-year-old Megan Thee Stallion expounds on her “Protect Black Women” statement from a recent Saturday Night Live performance. She also notes the misogynist-meets-racist impact incited by the response to something like what Serena Williams wears.



“If we dress in fitted clothing, our curves become a topic of conversation not only on social media, but also in the workplace,” the entertainer, Megan Jovon Ruth Pete, writes in the Times. “The fact that Serena Williams, the greatest athlete in any sport ever, had to defend herself for wearing a bodysuit at the 2018 French Open is proof positive of how misguided the obsession with Black women’s bodies is.”

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To Thee Stallion’s point, Williams faced intense discussion to the point of criticism, for her choice to sport that insta-famous black bodysuit in competition.

Serena Williams on Her beauty

She noted at the time that it was not just a style statement but a practical consideration, to prevent blood clots that have hampered, even endangered, her health over time.

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Further, Williams had given birth to daughter Olympia in September 2017, merely eight months prior. One might like to think that a tennis player could wear next to anything they desired on court—you know, outside of Wimbledon—but the desire to verbally regulate bodies likely will be something that haunts society for the rest of this cruel young decade. It might take another generation.