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Maria Sharapova thanks Evian for following Rafael Nadal with Red Cross donation



Maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova sent a ‘thank you’ to Evian because the bottled water brand, which sponsors many tennis tournaments, made a donation to the Red Cross. The donated sum will help health workers from many highly affected countries like France, United Kingdom, Switzerland and the USA.


Maria Sharapova

Rafael Nadal also helped the Red Cross recently by involving in #OurBestVictory project, but he concentrated on the Spanish branch of the organisation. “Across the globe, hospitals, health services and healthcare workers are under huge pressure.

Maria Sharapova

​To support those on the front line and those affected, we have donated to the Red Cross. This donation will be used to help ease the pressure on health services across France, the UK, Switzerland and the USA, and to supply medical equipment to volunteers,” wrote Evian on Instagram.

Maria Sharapova

“We want to say a huge thank you to those on the front line, who are putting their lives at risk to help the most vulnerable,” they continued. Whether you did or not know, Maria Sharapova is also an ambassador of the French water brand.

She even appeared in some adverts to promote it. Maybe the most impressive of them is the one in which she races Madison Keys in throwing empty water bottles to a bin. “We take care to choose the best packaging and format for each occasion in order to protect both the quality of our product, consumers health and the planet.

Maria Sharapova

In restaurants and hotels, we offer Evian in glass bottles that are returnable when possible: once empty, they are brought back to our bottling site to be cleaned and refilled,” Evian states on their site.
By helping healthcare workers and the environment, Evian has shown care for the well-being of people around the world.

Maria Sharapova

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