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Maria Sharapova Says It Takes a Lot More Than Just Blonde Hair to Succeed



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Few weeks ago the WTA released the career prize money leaders list. Maria Sharapova took the third spot with US $38,715,609 as her total on-court earnings. She is placed behind Serena and Venus Williams. However, until 2015, Sharapova surpassed all the female athletes of the world in the total earnings category.


She was palpably the world’s highest-paid female athlete with her lucrative endorsement deals. There are a bunch of people who claim that Sharapova cracks profitable endorsements with her blonde hair and good looks. The enterprises take her since she promotes their product more than any other athlete in this world.

Maria Sharapova

“Walk the walk and don’t talk the talk” – Maria Sharapova
The five-time Grand Slam champion certainly denies earning those contracts just because of her charisma. Altogether it’s an arduous road to seek and manage those contracts.

“Well, good luck. You can get to your hairstylist and get your color blonde but it takes a lot more than that. If somebody does say that, then, I guess you could go and try it yourself. Walk the walk and don’t talk the talk, right? That’s something that I have heard many people say, but I do believe in that a lot,” Sharapova told the Wall Street Journal.

Maria Sharapova

In 2015 Sharapova banked $29.7 million and she was the world’s highest-paid female athlete for the 11th straight year. After failing a drug test in 2016, her total earnings dropped to $21.9 million. That year, she was the second-highest-paid female athlete globally and Serena was on top.

Despite failing to win matches on the WTA Tour, the Russian, Maria Sharapova still breaks into the top-ten roster of the world’s highest-paid female athlete.

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Ranking on the WTA’s Prize Money list
Taking a look at her prize money earnings in recent years, she was ranked sixth on the 2015 WTA’s list with US $3,949,284. Later in 2016, Sharapova was not ranked on the list. In 2017 with a title in Tianjin she moved to the 66th spot on the WTA’s prize money list. The next year she was back in top-30 and claimed the 29th spot.

Maria Sharapova

In 2019 with a handful of match-wins Maria Sharapova concluded the year on the 37th position of the WTA’s prize money list.