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“LeBron James is Working Like a Madman”: Lakers Player Reveals How He and AD are Ensuring Team Remains Fit



Lebron James shake Anthony Davis

Danny Green, who joined the Los Angeles Lakers in 2019, had a chat with Spectrum SportsNet’s Chris McGee about his quarantine life. He also mentioned LeBron James and how he helps the players keep fit.



Lebron James shake green

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are the ones who regularly check on the team
Green mentioned how the Lakers are a close-knit bunch, making them a really strong unit. He spoke about how the team is active on their social media group. Stating how they would share memes and fun stuff, he said that the Lakers have a special bond.

Lebron James

The two-time NBA champion also mentioned how it is a challenge for everyone to maintain their shape during this period. Elaborating on this topic, he said:

“Bron is checking in on guys, AD is checking in on guys to make sure they have access to a gym or not.”

Lebron james

He also added that LeBron James and Anthony Davis would also ask the guys who live close by to come to their place for workouts. For some players who don’t have a personal gym at home or anywhere nearby, James and Davis were ready to welcome them into their gym for a session.

Lebron James with Bryce

Green also commented on LeBron’s workout routine. “He is working out with his son like a madman. At least four to five times a week.”

The Lakers need closure, says Green
Green hopes the current season is somehow finished. According to him, “It will be a tough pill to swallow if they cut cancel this season.”

Considering the teams that are fighting for the championship, teams who want to make it to the playoffs, and the huge amount of money that’s at stake, he wants the season to be wrapped up in any way possible.

Lebron James
Speaking about where the Los Angeles Lakers are at the moment, he feels the team might not get a chance at the championship every year. Everybody wants to get back out there and compete once again.

Green further hopes the league will put their best foot forward and complete the current season. He aims to ‘salvage’ something from it. In his mind, the playoffs should at least happen, if not the regular-season games.

Lebron James with pupils

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently at the top of the Western Conference table and look to claim their 17th NBA title.