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“It’s Important To Keep Head And Body Awaken” – Rafael Nadal



Rafael Nadal

For all the fans of Rafael Nadal, post lockdown objective would be to see their star break the grand slam record of Roger Federer. However, it might not be as easy as it seemed before the pandemic hit tennis.



With tennis players out of action for a fairly long period of time, it will be interesting to see their level of preparedness after tennis resumes. Of course, it would be a humongous task to actually get back into tennis-playing shape. These challenges might also hit Rafael Nadal who’s no longer the young beast that he once was.

Rafael Nadal with racket

There are players like Alexander Zverev who have revealed that they are keeping themselves ready. It will be difficult for Nadal to immediately reach that level of elite fitness. The latest message given by him through Instagram would give his fans some hope that their hero has started training.

What did Rafael Nadal say?
Rafael Nadal revealed that he had begun taking his physical health seriously amidst the lazy months. He also advised his fans to do some physical exercises.

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic smile

“I’m trying each day to do some aerobic training to keep preparing. There are days when sometimes you don’t want to do anything. But I believe it is very important to keep the head and body awaken, so I think it’s vital to settle physical objectives with what each of us can and have at our disposal because we are all locked inside under different circumstances each of us.

Rafael Nadal in thought

But if we can, we need to make an effort to do some exercise each day. It will help us be more positive and leave this confinement a little less bad that is getting longer and harder. Sending a hug to everyone and cheering you to do a little bit of exercise each day.”

While it might be very difficult at the moment, some degree of physical exercise is needed to maintain shape.

Rafael Nadal opens his Academy for professional players to train and compete
Opened in May 2016, Rafa Nadal Academy has been carrying the vision of one of the greatest players of all time onto the new generation of tennis stars, welcoming them at the state of the art facility in Nadal’s hometown of Manacor.

The Academy offers the best possible conditions for the upcoming youngster, giving them a chance to work on their game together with highly-skilled and trained coaches. Also, some already established players train in Mallorca regularly, often with Nadal himself, including Casper Ruud and Jaume Munar.

Rafael Nadal with team

The recent setbacks with the coronavirus pandemic have forced the Academy to close its doors, taking good care of all the people who are currently on the site of the Academy. The pandemic has halted all the action at least until the second part of July (probably for much longer) and the players are already thinking about the way to train and compete, eager to maintain the form ahead of the possible restart of the season.

For that reason, Nadal has offered his Academy as the gathering point for many of them, calling numerous ATP and WTA stars to come to Manacor once the situation gets a little bit better and work on their game in the next couple of months.

Rafa would also love to see some televised matches between the top-ranked players, providing the opportunity for many tennis fans around the world to watch their favorite competitors in action again. Rafa Nadal Academy has already hosted numerous tennis events, including two ATP Challengers, ITF events in both categories and also various wheelchair and junior tournaments.

Rafael Nadal speaking

“In recent weeks, we have made our facilities available to Chairman of the ATP Andrea Gaudenzi to possibly make the Academy a center for the gathering of players so that they can train in an environment that is ideal for first-class competition.

While the priority is obviously for a resumption of play for the regular Tour, the ATP is evaluating all options, keeping in mind health & safety as the top priority. At the Rafa Nadal Sports Centre, we can host a significant number of players and coaches so that they can train and compete without having to leave the Academy.

Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray greet

We have a large fitness center, a semi-Olympic swimming pool and a spa that would allow them to have a good preseason and to reach peak fitness. The size of the facilities would also allow, if necessary, the logistics to be organized to respect any sanitary and social-distancing protocols,” said Carlos Costa, the Head of Business Development at the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar.

“Right now, tennis takes a back seat and the most important thing is everyone’s health, but if in the coming months the Academy can be used to help other professional players, I’d be delighted if they could come to train and also to compete.

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic smile

Although we have no upcoming tournaments, I think that competing among ourselves would help us maintain our game for when the Tour restarts”, said Rafa Nadal.