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“I Don’t Think It’s Bad For Roger Federer or Serena Williams” – Boris Becker



Serena Williams & Roger Federer

The unusual tennis break amid coronavirus pandemic has been a boon and bane in some players’ careers. A few of them have got a chance to relax and simultaneously work upon their tennis skills. Whereas the lower-ranked players are struggling to pay their bills. Considering top-players, like Serena Williams and Roger Federer, the break will be beneficial for them.


Boris Becker feels both of them will be benefitted from the layover. “If the year is lost then I don’t think it’s bad for Federer or Serena,” Becker told Sky Sports. “They haven’t really abused their body for a year so in a way, they have gained a year.”

Serena Williams &Roger Federer snap

Benefits for Roger Federer and Serena Williams
Williams has got ample time to figure out, the limitations of her game. She knows how to take that extra mile to capture her unfulfilled dream of 24th Slam. During the break, the American ace also has enough time to relax and recuperate. Earlier, Billie Jean King stated the layover will have a positive impact on Serena’s career.

Roger Federer stand

Federer has been fortunate enough and has benefitted the most from this hiatus. He pulled out from tournaments beginning from February to June, underwent knee surgery, and planned to resume his tour during the grass season. He was all-prepared to leave the top-five rankings, but now, the Swiss maestro is safe at position four until the season restarts.

Serena Williams

Three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray hasn’t played any match in 2020 due to a groin injury that arose during the off-season last year. With this break, the Brit has enough time to recuperate. Also, if French Open 2020 gets underway towards the end of September, Murray is considering making an appearance at the Paris Major.

“I think it is good for players like Andy Murray because it gives him more time to get physically ready to come back in 2021,” Becker added.

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“I don’t think the young players benefit” – Boris Becker on tennis’ shutdown
On the contrary, the NextGen might not benefit much from the break. In other words, they lost a year-long tennis lesson.“I don’t think the young players benefit actually because they lose a year gaining experience and playing matches. If any group I think they will be affected the most. Because they have never taken that much time off,” Becker added.

Serena Williams

Top-players like Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer know how to master upon their skills with their past experiences, and they are at a winning end. “We will not see a change of form from them but the young players will take more time to come back,” he added.

Tennis tour is suspended until July 13, 2020, and there are chances for the layover to be extended by a few more weeks.

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