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“I Don’t Think It Will Change My Life Perspective, I Just Try To Enjoy What I’m Doing”- Rafael Nadal Reveals



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Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer are three of the greatest names in sports. Not only do they have great records, but they have also cultivated great respect as human beings.


As the top of the mountain is a solitary spot, these three have been part of the greatest rivalry in modern tennis. In more tangible terms, it has translated in the form of the grand slam race. Roger has 20, Rafa has 19, while Novak is close behind at 17.

In some ways, this has become like the endpoint of their battle. Whoever finishes his career with the most number of grand slams, wins the never-ending battle of supremacy.

Rafael Nadal play ball

However, does this weigh upon their daily lives? Do they think that this is a defining goal for their career? Rafael Nadal talked to Chris McHardy on some of these questions.

What Did Rafael Nadal Say?

Rafael Nadal said that even though it is something he’ll like, it’s not something he troubles himself wish – “Of course, I’d like to finish with more grand slams than anybody else.

But it’s something that I’m not obsessed at all. And honestly, I’m super happy about my tennis career. If in the end, Roger is over me or Novak is over me, or both of them are over me.

Okay, life continues, I don’t think in ten years, I will be happy or less happy if I am on the top, second or third. I don’t think it will change my life perspective. So just trying to keep enjoying what I’m doing.”

Rafael Nadal

Rafa revealed that he’s no betting man. This means that he won’t like to predict who will finish on top out of the three.

In the same interview, Rafa also revealed that the three actually share a WhatsApp group

“Rafael Nadal Was Very Cute With The Kids”- Roger Federer

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal recently took part in one of the most heartwarming exhibition tours in recent times. The two were involved in a match in South Africa, the proceeds from which went towards the Roger Federer Foundation.

The foundation has been working towards the education of poor South African children. In the much-publicized event, pictures of Roger and Rafa interacting with young kids went viral.

The two were seen doing various activities with the young ones including playing games, reading out stories etc. Roger, who is a father of four, looked very comfortable with the young ones.

Rafael Nadal and kids

However, Rafa’s comfort level with the kids was more surprising. Roger shed some more light on the same in an interview with L’Illustre magazine.