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“I Am Very Pessimistic” – Rafael Nadal–All You Need To Know–



Rafael Nadal speaks

19-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal has been confined to his residence in Mallorca, Spain. He hasn’t touched a tennis racquet since the Indian Wells tournament’s cancelation in March. Also, his nation, Spain is one of the worst-hit areas by the coronavirus pandemic. To take care of the COVID19-infected patients, Rafa donated and raised millions of Euros.


Despite the situation coming under control in Europe, and fewer new cases and deaths being recorded each day, Nadal is not sure about the tennis Tour returning to normalcy in the near future.

Rafael Nadal

“I see it as a serious problem” – Rafael Nadal
Tennis is an international sport and players hail from different parts of the world. Professionals spend most of their time traveling and, for the moment, air travel looks a long way away from starting any time soon. All of this will only delay the resumption of professional tennis even further.

Rafael Nadal walking

“I am very pessimistic about the circuit returning to a normal activity due to the fact of all the travels. Although it was played behind closed doors, you have to think that there are many people involved. Internationally, I see it as a serious problem,” World Number two Nadal said.

As of now, tennis is the last sport that seems ready to return to normalcy. Also, three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray is cynical about the same due to the amount of traveling the sport demands.

Rafael Nadal

“I would imagine tennis would be one of the last sports to get back to normality because you’ve obviously got players and coaches and teams coming from all over the world into one area,” he said.

The Brit is also unsure about French Open 2020 taking place towards the end of September this year.

Rafael Nadal

If the situation goes back to normal in some cities, the officials may decide to go ahead with some tournaments. And, if they impose restrictions on players from certain countries, limit the participation of players from specific regions, it would ultimately affect the event’s revenue.

Can the Rafael Nadal motto hold out after the Pandemic?
Rafael Nadal academy

If I am healthy, I am competitive..I have the chance to win tournaments,” Rafael Nadal said after his loss to Novak Djokovic at the 2019 Australian Open. He admitted how he was plagued with injuries and off the court for a time resulted in a deficit in rhythm and performance.

“Five months without competing, having that big challenge in front of me, I needed something else. That something else probably today, I don’t have it yet…” This was last year, a different dimension and today all things have changed.

Rafael Nadal with team

Every player now is wondering what result will happen to their game after more than five months without competing. Injuries are the main reason for not being on court, but the coronavirus pandemic is quite another. Back then, Nadal just wanted to be healthy and said that “..the only thing that I hope is to have the chance to keep practicing well and to have the chance to keep playing with healthy conditions.”

These days most players are beginning to be tired of practicing when not knowing where or when their next tournament will come. Last year the Spaniard had the consistency during the regular touring schedule and it was easier and smoother to play and perform well.

Rafael Nadal

He would say “ next step is Acapulco. I have Indian Wells, and that’s my calendar today…” Nadal and other players don’t have a schedule anymore. It’s whenever the virus pandemic is over that’s when things will start to roll and be put on a calendar.

The Rogers Cup was just postponed until next year. This won’t be the year that Nadal defends his Rogers Cup title that he willfully captured in 2019 against Russia’s Daniil Medvedev in straight sets. He commented that “..Things chance very quick…even if you are winning…I am never too confident…that’s why I am always putting out my 100 percent…”

Rafael nadal eating

The Rogers Cup against the Russian was his 5th and now it’s unsure when he’ll be playing the Canadian tournament again. It’s for sure though that all the players will be at the same spot. Rankings will be frozen but they will all come into the next tournament having no matches on their racket in over five months. This will be their true test of getting into the zone and staying there to have success.