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How Maria Sharapova Maintained Her Smashing Form During Lockdown, Personal Trainer Reveals



Maria Sharapova

Wimbledon champ Maria Sharapova reveals she’s working out with Madonna’s personal trainer at home as she fights the urge to indulge herself in lockdown.


‘I am not used to working out alone without any guidance or energy from trainers and athletes being in the same room,’ says Maria, 34, who is dating Old Etonian Alex Gilkes.

‘In the past seven weeks I’ve formed a good little routine at home with Tracy Anderson.’ U.S. fitness guru Tracy is known for sculpting the physiques of Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez.

‘I’d much rather eat all day,’ adds Sharapova, ‘but let’s not forget our bodies need the extra discipline, considering how active that pantry is at the moment.’

Maria Sharapova

‘Meghan kept a diary of life with royals’, Reveals pal

This summer sees the publication of Finding Freedom, the book hyped as going ‘beyond the headlines’ to reveal ‘unknown details’ of Prince Harry and Meghan’s life together.

But will that satisfy Meghan who, famously, chose to include three quills on her personal coat of arms, representing ‘communication and the power of words’?

For I can disclose that, according to one of the Duchess’s friends, Meghan — guest-editor of British Vogue in 2018 — kept a diary during her time in the UK.

Maria Sharapova face side

Such a journal could form the basis of a definitive, first-person chronicle of her extraordinary journey from aspiring American actress to member of Britain’s Royal Family.

The possibility intrigues Andrew Morton, doyen of royal writers —author of Diana: Her True Story, and of Meghan: Hollywood Princess.

‘She is a good writer, with a nice turn of phrase,’ he tells me. ‘Remember she studied English in her first year at Northwestern College.’

He adds that a first-person account, based on her diaries, would also offer Meghan a prize beyond price: ‘She would have total control.’

There would seem little doubt that Meghan would be willing to venture in print where other royals might fear to tread.

Maria Sharapova

Two years ago, she memorably inscribed bananas with messages expressing support for sex workers in Bristol, while before her marriage, she wrote a lifestyle blog, The Tig, which she closed shortly before her engagement.

But she displayed more of her creativity in another blog, The Working Actress, which she wrote anonymously. ‘My hair is primped, my face is painted, my name is recognised, my star meter is rising, my life is changing.’

A spokesman for the Duke and Duchess, now staying in a £15 million LA mansion, declines to comment.

The couple made clear last month that they would refuse to co-operate with the Daily Mail and other popular newspapers. However, this newspaper has continued to give them the chance to comment.

Maria Sharapova

Olympic star Jessica Ennis-Hill is still in the money four years after her last competitive event.

Newly filed figures for the former heptathlete’s private company, Jessica Ennis Ltd, report £4.77 million in shareholder funds — a £300,000 increase on the £4.45 million held in 2018.

She has used the business to channel her earnings since 2006. She also has a well-being company and Jennis Fitness — offering on-line workouts, which she set up last year.

Any Questions host Chris Mason doesn’t think the Radio 4 show’s legendary founder Frank Gillard would make much of its new presenter.

‘I think he would ask, ‘Who’s this upstart?’ jokes the 40-year-old who succeeded veteran Jonathan Dimbleby in the hot seat last year.

Maria Sharapova

‘I learned how to take care of myself’ – Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova, a veteran on the tennis circuit with five Grand Slam titles against her name, had a difficult initiation to the sport.

It’s common knowledge how she moved to the US with her father at the age of seven, while her mother stayed back in Russia.

Opening up about the challenge of adjusting to life in a new country without her mother, she revealed, “I used to be so lonely.

Maria Sharapova face side

I missed my mother terribly. My father was working as much as he could so he couldn’t see me either.” H ..

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