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Five PHOTOS That Prove Maria Sharapova Is The Hottest Ever Sport woman



Maria sharapova

SHE MIGHT be famous for her skills on the tennis court, but it was her impressive curves that gave Maria Sharapova the upper hand this week.


The athlete, who has had a trying few months on the courts this year – including losing out to Serena Williams for the 15th time in a row – made her way to the sunny climates of Cancun in Mexico, where she enjoyed a well-earned break with a female friend.

Maria Sharapova swimming suit

Looking happy and relaxed, the 34-year-old looked like she was enjoying every moment of her holiday in the idyllic location as she stripped down to a revealing two-piece for a chilled out day on the beach.

Boasting washboard abs and an incredibly pert derriere, the 6ft 2in star looked stunning as she made her way across the beach and into the sea alongside her pal, who also donned a stylish bikini.

maria sharapova

The pair chatted away as they took a break from the stifling temperatures in the ocean, splashing around before making ther way back up to the sandy shores.

Wearing her hair in a simple topknot and leaving her make-up bag at home, the tennis champ looked carefree as she basked in the sunshine, shielding her eyes with a pair of stylish sunglasses.

Maria Sharapova Displays her Hot toned bikini body

And making sure she kept herself safe from the heat, Maria was spotted applying layers on sun lotion while keeping hydrated with a tropical looking fruit juice.

The Russian beauty looked flawless despite going make-up free and sporting wet hair – and even managed to keep a small adjustment to her bottoms elegant as she swiftly altered their compromising position.

Maria Sharapova

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Meanwhile, speaking about her loss to Serena for the 15th successive time last week, Maria said: “Despite my results against her, I still look forward to playing against her because you learn so much from that type of level which she produces.

Maria Sharapova

“You finish the match, and you know where you need to improve and the things that you need to work on.”