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Drew Markyntye and The Unerdertaker

The Undertaker has a world of advice that he can share, but it wasn’t always easy for Drew McIntyre to get the message.


The King Of Claymore Country is WWE Champion right now, but there was a time during his first run in WWE when The Dead Man tried to tell him things that he just didn’t get yet.

While speaking to Lilian Garcia on Chasing Glory, Drew McIntyre revealed advice that The Undertaker use to give him didn’t really stick. He said The Phenom would speak in riddles back then, but these days they are on the save wavelength.

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Drew markyntye

“‘Don’t play the part, be the part,’ Undertaker used to tell me that when I was 24 and I never understood his lessons. He used to talk in riddles all the time. These days, we talk on the same wavelength, but when I was younger, bloody hell. I talked to Sheamus and how he had Triple H in charge on Raw and I had Undertaker in charge on SmackDown. Triple H would explain it to Sheamus step-by-step. Taker would just give riddles that I couldn’t figure out. Finally, when the light bulb went off, I got the lessons and understood, but he was talking a different language at the time.”

Drew Markentye

“When I tried to grow a beard for the first time, he said, ‘I’ve got more hair on my ass than you’ve got on your face.’ He’s the man. That’s the kind of leader I want to be like. Roman [Reigns] has that same kind of presence. ‘That guy is the man right there.’ Hopefully, other talent know that they can come to me and ask because I’ve been through so many unique situations and I’m always there. I won’t force myself on anyone, but I’m always there if you’ve got a question.”

Drew Markentye speaks

The Undertaker was a locker room leader for years in the company. He was also a huge pair of shoulders to help carry WWE through very hard times. Now Drew McIntyre is in a position where he can do the same as WWE experiences a rather concerning portion of history.

Drew markentye and John Cena